Get Involved

Help Girls Matter give dignity to the young women of Hanover Park! Together, we can show them that their lives do matter.

Do you have experience and skills you’d like to share with the young women of Girls Matter? We’re keen to broaden the horizons of the young women of Hanover Park. If you have wicked skills you’d like to impart, please connect with us.

Positive community (s)heroes

Are you a positive community role model, with experience to share? We would love for you to tell us your story at a “fireside chat” and show these ladies a different way of life!

Workshop facilitators and beauty experts

Are you a makeup star, beauty therapist or hair stylist willing to run short workshops with us? 

Introduce our young people to your inspiring career! Share your expertise on topics that would appeal to teenage girls. 

Art or play therapy practitioners

Calling all coaches and creative souls. If you’re the kind of person to make toys from recycling material or work with teens on creative projects, please reach out. 

Work opportunities

Is your organisation open to offering our young women internship, workshadow or part-time employment opportunities with a stipend? Keep in mind that many have young children at home.

Learning / educational resources

Many of the girls have dropped out of school. We have yet to find a workable solution for them to finish high school. If your organisation offers education appropriate for vulnerable youth and would like to partner with us, then please do contact us!

Connect with us 

Join our movement as a community role model, mentor, coach, fundraiser, ambassador, or advocate.

Keen to contribute to Girls Matter? Make a donation or back our crowdfunding campaign.