Ecobrick Exchange

Girls Matter do not give “handouts”. We do understand that adolescent girls have many needs. It is empowering for girls to be able to meet these needs. The “reward centre” in the developing adolescent brain is very sensitive to reward. So we devised a way to allow girls to earn while they develop pro-social habits. The Girls Matter Ecobrick Exchange Initiative encourages girls to become aware of plastic pollution in their environment. And rewards them for collecting this waste and working towards uplifting their community.

The Ecobrick Exchange Initiative has worked better than imagined. Now group members encourage their friends and family to help them collect non-recyclable plastic waste and pack bottles. Creche children are helping one of the girls. These children love posting chip packs into the “collection bag” and often post full packets! The Ecobrick Exchange Initiative also provides an opportunity for meaningful conversations around recycling and environmental awareness.